Mr. A Luke

Managing Director

Sustainability- Our focus, Our business, Our Passion

Our concept of sustainability is meeting human needs within the limits of our natural world. Sustainability is employing processes that fit into nature’s ecosystems, providing the services and resources upon which we depend. Shamar Sustainable Solutions is cultivating a sustainable environment by harnessing its employees’ passionate, creative energy to implement innovative, sustainable solutions. What’s the result? A healthier planet and improved performance for our clients.

We also aim to mitigate the root causes of climate change and limit the impact of climate change on our planet and in our community:
* Protecting and restoring a healthy environment.
* Promoting fair and equitable quality of life for current and future generations.
* Increasing value for our clients, shareholders, and employees in a balanced way.
* We will strive to incorporate environmental, social, and economic considerations into decision-making processes for client projects and internal business operations. We will monitor, measure, and report on our performance.

Sustainability begins with how we make decisions and identify solutions. Our approach is tailored to fit the client’s needs and goals. Still, it typically encompasses the basic tenets of the triple bottom line: long-term cost savings, improving community amenities and relations, and protecting/restoring the environment. Not only do we take a multi-faceted approach to decision-making, but the solutions we recommend for our clients are often multi-disciplinary in nature, reaching across traditional engineering boundaries to achieve sustainability for the future. Any engineering issue/challenge is analyzed in detail for suitable solutions with a filter for its sustainability aspects.

Our expertise spans the following sectors:

1. Energy Audits
2. Renewable energy- Solar, Wind and Wave
3. Energy efficiency
4. Centralized Chiller plant
5. Water solutions including recycling
6. Waste to Energy including waste management
7. Electrical Mobility
8. Solar Lights and other home products
10. Decarbonizing and pollution control

With our best installations and engineering, greenhouse gas emissions can be considerably reduced. By optimizing the operations energy could be conserved. New technology, automation and remote monitoring and by adopting best practices, we could empower our clients to implement sustainable solutions in all utility areas. We will be pleased to serve our clients in mitigating the impacts of climate change and to make their operations nature friendly and a tool to serve the community.

In short, we are working to eliminate waste, reduce resources, avoid pollution, curb climate change and adapt to its impacts, foster informed decisions and actions, create positive social impacts, and apply innovations to create an efficient, healthy, sustainable and resilient future.